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Report 16th July 2014

Report 15th July 2014

Report 11th May 2014

Hi all again,
DATE NUMBER 2 and im looking for people to help with promoting this day for support to nick kats and his next passage.
If some of you can it would be nice to sail out with him for a small bit.
There is live music and lunch from 2pm.
Please if anyone can throw it round and share it that would be amazing too. Simon Matthew Trezise
00353 087 978 2658

Report 10th May 2014

Dear all,
It is with great honour that the much acclaimed Risteard o Domhnaill will present in our club next wednesday the 14th of May at 7.30pm.
I hope you will like this. Please help to share this through sources of your own and show some support for a great cause.
I hope to see you on wednesday and if you would like the pre-dinner then please contact me.
Simon Matthew Trezise
00353 087 978 2658

Report 14th April 2014

Simon has put on a special menu, in the Clubhouse, for the Easter Sailing Camp.
This runs Monday 21st April to Friday 25th.
More details on the course can be found on the "Training Page" of this website.

Report 26th February 2014

French nature documentary It was released on April 22, 2010 in 1,200 theaters in the US for Earth Day.[2] The film explores Earth's five oceans.[3] Budgeted at around 50 million (US$66 million), it was filmed in over 50 different places and took four years to film.[4] The movie is a high-quality filming documentary featuring ocean animals. It reflects the need to respect nature and demonstrates the negative aspects of human activity on animals.

Showing this Thursday night in The Boardwalk Cafe at Clifden Boat Club in full High Definition. There will be a soup, followed by Lasagne and potatoes available from 6pm onwards for 6euro per person. and a bucket for donations to the Clifden Boat Club, Please indicate if you are intending to eat before hand so i can get a good idea of numbers.

many thanks
Simon Matthew Trezise
00353 087 978 2658



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