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RIB Challenge 2011
The National Finals will be in Clifden Bay, a two day event, in 2011.
In 2010 the National Finals were held in October
We'd expect the same for 2011 and will confirm here as sonn as we know.

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Report 26th November 2010
The National Finals in October 2010 was a one day event.
Clifden has been asked by the ISA if we would run a two day event.
Clifden Boat Club said we are happy to oblige.
We are awaiting confirmation of dates etc and will let you know when we do.

We will, soon, be drawing up a plan for our local heats which we hope to start very early in the season.
Then the best teams from our local heats in both Junior and Senior Classes will be put forward to represent Clifden Boat Club at the Regional Finals which will probably be in September.

Report 20th November 2010
Clifden got involved in this competition this year for the first time.
We put togethar three teams for the Regional Finals held at Mayo Sailing Club in September. These were two senior teams and one junior team.
The top three teams in each class got to go through to the National Finals held at Foynes Yacht Club, Co. Limerick
Click here to read the ISA's Press Release after this event.

The three teams who competed for Clifden Boat Club were:
Clifden Senior 1: Ian Shanahan, Michael Prendergast Jnr and Adrian Herlihy.
Clifden Senior 2: Damian Ward, Brian Ward and Roger Snow.
Clifden Junior: Richard Coneys, Peter Brittain and John Prendergast.

One of Clifden's Senior teams and Clifden's Junior team were in the top three of their class and got to compete in the National Finals.

Unfortunately the Junior team couldn't make it, due to travel logistics at last minute, to the Finals. They did well to earn the right to compete in the Finals and may have won.
At this point we should congratulate the Junior Team 2010 and name them.
Clifden's Junior RIB Challenge 2010 Team were:
Richard Coneys, Peter Brittain and John Prendergast. Well done to the three of you.

Clifden's Senior Team for the RIB Challenge 2010 went all the way and won the National Finals and brought home a brand new RIB, sponsored by Yachtsman Euromarine.
Clifden's Senior RIB Challenge 2010 Team were:
Damian Ward, Brian Ward and Roger Snow. Really well done to you three.

As the Winning Team of 2010 Clifden now gets to host the National Finals in 2011.

We will be running a full program for both juniors and seniors to better Clifden's chances for 2011. Any and all are welcome to compete in our local heats which we hope to be giving you more info on soon.

Pictured here from left to right:
Matt McGrory, Brian Ward, Roger Snow, Damian Ward and Harry Herman.
Matt McGrory of Yachtsman Euromarine is The Sponsor.
Harry Herman is the Chief Executive of the ISA.

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Local Heats for 2011
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