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2006 Clifden Regatta




IRC Overall Winner:

Disaray Western Yacht Club. Raymond Mc Gibney. OPEN YACHT CHALLENGE CUP

ECHO overall winner:

Egalite Clifden Boat Club. David Griffin. KINGSTOWN CUP

IRC Results:

Winners Class 1
1st Catalpa Tommy Smith
2nd Chaos Thomas Whelan
3rd AWOL Liam Burke

Winners Class 2
1st Disaray Raymond and Simon McGibney
2nd Quelle Surprise Henry Lupton
3rd Crozz Gerry Daly

Winners Class 3
1st RhoCoDar Thomas Furey
2nd Hallmark Jackie Ward
3rd Siamsa 11 David Kavanagh

ECHO Results:

Winners Class 1
1st AWOL Liam Burke
2nd Catalpa Tommy Smith
3rd Marissa IX Rob Allen

Winners Class 2
1st Egalite David Griffin
2nd Boojum D Buckley
3rd Commotion Hartnet/McMahon

Winners Class 3
1st Misty Donal O'Scannaill
2nd Rhocodar Thomas Furey
3rd Siamsa 11 David Kavanagh

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